Gator Rope Cutters - For yachts and motor vessels with propeller shafts up to 75mm or 3" diameter. For maximum efficiency - select the same number of blades as your propeller. Alternatively a two blade Gator can be used on a 2, 3, 4 or 5 blade propeller.

Gator Rope Cutters feature serrated blades with a reverse scissor action, which positively traps any rope or line. This positive action prevents any possibility of strike-out, giving the rope or line no chance to inflict damage and disable your vessel. All 316 stainless steel parts are machined with computer controlled lathes and machining centres to very fine tolerances, ensuring full interchangeability of parts with the utmost precision. 

Gator Rope Cutters have low friction plastic bearings moulded from DELRIN®, a top grade engineering plastic, with very low wear characteristics. Gators are easily fitted by a competent person in a few hours using only simple tools. We can offer a range of standard spacers (should the Gap figure 'E' be insufficient on the vessel) plus a custom made service. The static anchor can also be custom machined for installations with a stepped stern gear, as with some Hallberg Rassy yachts.

Dimensions.Gator 66:

Material 316 Stainless Steel

Gator Stainless Steel Rope Cutter

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